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Greg Genung • May 31,2019 • Whotype

Meet Teresa Morgan, HR Lead at ZeroCater!

(Whotype HR Testimonial)

Q: Was Whotype accurate for your team at ZeroCater – How accurate?
     A: I thought it was pretty accurate for most of my team. It was absolutely “spot on” for myself.
Q: What did you personally like best about Whotype in your role as HR lead for ZeroCater?
     A: I like how it visually shows your team’s make-up and my team I think really enjoyed learning about each other. The best part was that it does not take long to fill out.
Q: What is the most valuable function of Whotype for your team at ZeroCater?
     A: I think this is most valuable when my team is under stress that we can refer back to this and be reminded of how we are at different times. I also as a manager can use Whotype to refer back if I see team members changes in personality, motivation, and attitude. One person in particular, their whotype when stressed said that they become introverted. If I see that with this person that tells me I should check in with them and make sure that everything is going well.
Q: What will be the most valuable part of the system for the company?
     A: For the company I think it adds a level of emotional intelligence that not everyone has and can get you to the answers faster vs after conflict which may or may not actually get resolved and even potentially avoid conflict in the first place.
Q:How can Whotype help your leadership?
     A: I think it can really highlight the importance of having teams that are diverse in personality and thought and also can give positive highlights or tell you what might be missing in order to have a well-rounded team and point out the team dynamic with minimal time and effort.
Q: How can Whotype help your team in hiring and candidate analysis?
     A: It can really tell you what’s missing on your team. If you have a diverse customer base you want your teams and employees to reflect that and not try to just hire their clones. They already have one of you!
Q: What would you like to see us do next – what else can we build to help you?
     A: Would love to see a dating app that gives advice on how to work around differences or coach.
Q: What would you feel we could do best to help advance the field of HR and Recruiting?
     A: Team building activities and maybe diving into when your team is stressed or spread thin.
Q: How can Whotype help the company in performance management?
     A: It can track you over time and see how you develop as a person. It also might be able to highlight traits of good managers and be able to tell gaps that people might have to be a manager or maybe they have never managed but might naturally have some of the traits needed to be a successful manager.
Q: Where do you feel we should focus our time in building out next generation features to support your teams mission?
     A: Maybe some sort of conflict management or guidance tool. I am not sure how to incorporate that but what do you do now that a team is not operating at it’s best and how can we fix that or just reaching optimal performance in general.
Theresa Morgan, HR Lead

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