Whotype Futurevision

Greg Genung • April 24,2019 • Whotype


Whotype Futurevision:

As we progress, our users can expect to see us executing on a game plan that involves the following from the company:

Whotype Pro

  • Management of Company Pages that can be managed by a team member; HR View
  • Hiring Engine based on personalities of the team being hired into; HR View
  • Candidate sort, suggest, and select analysis functions; HR View
  • Team and Culture analysis engine; CEO View
  • Team member motivation and behavioral coaching engine; Manager View
  • Boss coaching and personal motivation engine; Employee View

Whotype Dating

  • Likely planned to be a standalone app that automates dating suggestions
  • Will be based on your whotype pattern, health zones, and matching them accordingly
  • Stores saved (harmonized) connections (saves/likes/swipes… all about to be a thing of the past)
  • Enables Direct Chat with Visual Connection Suggestion from Whotype based on signatures



Whotype Team-Builder 

  • Advancement of existing Whotype team dynamics
  • Designed for Managers, Coaches, Teachers, Group Dynamics
  • Duration-based, temporal analysis of teams over a duration of time
  • Automation/coach for team-based social harmony management
  • Team analysis with deep behavioral patterns tied to social elements
  • Custom Personality driven – Metrics Analysis; Sales numbers, any custom individual metrics



Whotype IoT/Wearables (API-driven)

  • Automated, proximity embedded personality alerts
    • Groups, friends, custom alerts, personal alerts
  • Automated health indicator scrolling, personal health
  • Automated connection analysis; connection health analysis
  • Sorted friend list with mini analysis to go
  • Whotype Dating to go, “personal navigator”


  • Whotype Gear based on user personalization components from profile
  • Advancing Whotype online store customization components for self checkout
  • Current requests include: shirts, mugs, drink casts, stickers, etc.
  • Whotype Gear for teams, company engagement, company events, etc.

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