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Let’s face it, you’ve probably clicked on a “Take this quiz to reveal what salad matches your personality!” link, but what do these results really tell you?

If you’re looking for some real answers, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created the first platform that helps you understand your world through the lens of your personality. Learn what makes you tick, understand what ticks you off…and why. Start connecting with friends, family, and significant others on a whole new level.

(P.S. In case you’re wondering we’re a Tex-Mex Caesar salad—classic but with a twist.)

Explore your personality

Quick testing, complex understanding

We start by assessing your motivations, personality, and how your mood drives your actions. Based on this, we assign you one of 27 different Whotypes. One persona can never fully describe someone, that’s why Whotype also considers your mood: Up, Down, Core, and Motivated. If you’re a Mediator at your Core, you turn into a Contender when you’re Down.

Oh… and did we mention we can do this with only 5 questions?

What’s your type?

Get multi-dimensional feedback

Unlike other personality assessments, Whotype encourages feedback on your personality. It lets you get out of your head and understand what people actually think about you. Think you’re an Improver that’s ambitious and driven? Test it with Whotype.

Learn how to connect with people

Once you understand your Whotype, you’ll start to recognize the same patterns in other people. Is your SO an Optimist when they’re Down? (Ironic, we know.) Then you’ll know that you’ll have to focus on positive experiences to get them back to their Core state.

Your personality is your power

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