The Self, Paired, and Social Types

Greg Genung • April 14,0201 • Uncategorized

How do we determine the “level of focus” in our lives?

Are you “Self-Focused?”

These Whotype’s are most focused on basic comforts/needs, personal organization, money/health, safety (survival), learning practical skills, and advancing and seeking personal stability. This is a primarily self-focused state of being that is making decisions in their life to meet their needs of stability and security. Somewhat self-centered.

Are you one-on-one or “Relationship Focused?”

These Whotypes are most focused on deepening one-on-one relationships (loved ones or intimacy), captivating ideas, great conversation, exciting movies, experiencing love and being involved with relationships that they perceive to matter the most. This is primarily an externally focused state of being seeking out deeper one on one connections.

Are you “Socially Focused?”

These Whotype’s are most focused on interacting with many different kinds of people, expanding social structure, and contributing to the world with an interest in culture, personal value in social dynamics, and building a lasting legacy. This is primarily an externally focused, social state of being where experiencing the world with others and connecting in larger groups is the primary interest.

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