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Exploring personality dynamics at work in our personal and professional relationships takes real work. Buying self-development books, reading about personality and motivation, or taking those long personality assessments… all old-hat, unfulfilling and one-dimensional… For these reasons, we built Whotype. Whotype is a brand new way of looking at personality because Whotype builds an “experience” around your personality and helps explore how personality connects us all.

Using our proprietary (and lightning fast) three-question triangulation test, Whotype quickly builds an experience around your personality and you’re most important relationships. Then, like a true and trusty friend, Whotype helps guide and apply the type signatures to important relationships both at home, with your friends, and in the workplace.

Want to find out how your relationships are connected? Discover your Whotype and you can unlock exactly how your personality connects with your world through the patterns in your type. Whotype also helps identify states and how they directly connect with those you are connected to, finding the power in the connection. Whotype is the new way of seeing relationship and group dynamics both at home and in the workplace.

We built Whotype because we wanted to have a personality exploration system and one that changed with us, no matter what age. Suffice it to say that also we have found that self-books have become tougher to guide the digital generation. Like an adult version of a choose your adventure book, we wanted to build something that helped explore personality much more interactively than anything to date.

With just a few very unique questions, Whotype gets to the center of your core personality motivations. Whotype is new “personality-tech” that uses a highly effective and proprietary triangulation system built to help determine your type in as few of questions as possible. You no longer need the exhaustive personality test, the time-consuming psychometric assessment – and best of all Whotype grows and goes with you wherever your personality goes.

Whotype helps navigate and triangulate the inner motivational dynamics of the head, heart, and gut centers in all of us – and how these connect us all. In addition, each of has different social styles, so we use these two primary elements to do the math and connected this whole system inside of a circle where everyone is actually connected at the core because that’s how math works. We’ll do the math – you do you. Create amazing in whatever you choose to do and who you choose to do it with.

Whotype is built to move as we move, grow as we grow, and to bring personality dynamics to life in personal and professional relationships. When you wake up in the morning, what drives you? What is the actual force behind your decisions at this point in your life, your head, your heart, or your gut?

On a daily basis, Whotype helps us pay attention to our personality, our patterns of behavior that are consciously and unconsciously manifesting in our lives. Sometimes we are aware of our selves and our personality – and sometimes we are not. What you choose to pay attention to you will become aware of and Whotype helps to apply this concept to your world, through your personality.

Anyone who wants to harness the power of personality can use Whotype. Uncover important personal insights, decode the inner workings of one-on-one relationships, and visualize the complex professional dynamics at work.

For Whotype, harmony is something that happens when personalities understand each other. Harmony can be found in places where Whotype patterns match in any scenario, up vs down or core vs balance. How can harmony like that be produced? It starts with putting people together that want to work on themselves and are able to consciously activate the best versions of themselves – by being aware of their decisions.

Yes, and we hope you do! If you’re in human resources or recruiting, a CEO or a manager, coaching or selling, etc – finding that place where harmony exists could be the fabric that makes amazing happen – but in Whotype like in life, you get out of it what you put into it. If you want to understand your personality, better understand relationships, and be intentionally aware of group dynamics, Whotype is your new best friend.

Whotype was purpose built to be widely used in professional settings. From HR to culture metrics to performance management and team building, Whotype helps companies harness the power of personality to intentionally build culture based on the people in the organization and their personality.

Want to see what happened to our team dynamics if someone leaves; what happens when someone new comes in? Whotype is the first tool to help unpack and visualize what happens to the team dynamics when change comes to the team personnel. Personality is everywhere in the workplace, and Whotype can be applied from candidate screening to team fit analysis, and culture analysis.

Whotype has a unique way of applying your personality to relationship exploration. When exploring other’s profiles, Whotype enables the ability to analyze each person’s 4 (four) primary states (down, core, up, and balance) for each person in the pairing. Doing this visualizes the mathematical changes to each type in the circle and produces a result of the two people’s states. This is one-on-one relationship analysis with Whotype.

Whotype is meant to move with you, grow with you, and be a part of understanding how you see the world changes when you change. Retyping is suggested anytime that any of the following are present:

  • Your pattern doesn’t match your friend feedback pattern that emerges from multiple type votes
  • Your pattern doesn’t feel like you in real life, and you’re ready to focus on self-exploration to find that match
  • You have changed since acknowledging your pattern exists, and you just know it
  • You’ve investigated each of the states, your balance/up/down and core analysis and you’re changing
  • You’ve just gone through a trauma of some kind, hanging on as best as possible and could use some help navigating this change

The Balance states are activated when each type is essentially the best version of themselves, unselfish and conscientious. Each balance state is achieved when the type is least reactive to the crazy things happening around it – and is more seeking their balance or equilibrium – and choosing peace and harmony in their life. In this part of each of the patterns, the type presents both a calm and present-minded awareness for others and the greater good at large.

In this state, there is also great power in the balanced states, as these are the parts of ourselves that show healthy love of self, of others, and the love our our individual pursuits in a manner that isn’t all consuming and selfishly focused, but on creating peace and harmony in their doings. Finding balance is finding ‘that’ state of mind where you’re the best version of yourself in everything you do.

These balanced parts of the pattern are the true “mathematical opposites” of the core, and literally balance out the selfish interactions that the cores of often seeks out. This is also why we refer to this zone as the balance zone as its a sweet spot for discovering amazing relationships, long-term careers, and happiness for each type. In the balanced state, the type’s focus changes as the ego is not present and the desire/need to be in complete control no longer exists. This is when amazing can happen because the removal of ego and selfishness enables us to care greatly for something other than ourselves. This can be rewarding in itself.

Finally, in the balance state, each type exhibits a very unique style that, because its the best version of the type, makes it attractive to the other types. It is also because of this that some of our strongest life-long connections are made when we connect with others in this state. The key is to stay in your balance zone for as long as you can, but its hard because it requires being unselfish, aware, and the best version of ourselves.

All of that takes so much energy, but that’s the key to getting and staying in the balanced states for each type – they have power that draws others in because its the best version of each type and its attractive. The balanced versions of each type are where the law of attraction can take over, where things can start to happen naturally in all settings of our lives whether the scenario be personal or professional, internal or external.

The up state is the part of each type pattern where the type is much more positive in its awareness of the world. This turns usually for most people when they start focusing on others, and specifically doing good for the world. Its still somewhat motivated, as its the motivated part of the core (which is comfort driven) – but when the up/positive part of each type is when a person is activated, a that pieces of the type acts in that specific types manner, but does it in a much more motivated, focused, and healthy manner.

Its in the up state that health and happiness start being applied externally because its when the core state is healthy and able to focus more on other people and manifesting their motivations into a reality. What is most important about the up state is that, in this is the part of each type pattern where it is most agreeable, open minded, and willing to move mountains , and desires positive results from themselves and from their life – thus they start to act with authentic care, not dull care.

This state is is where each type starts to unleash the power of their potential. It is this powerful up zone where most types most enjoy working, are most productive, and are most actively able to move mountains. In working environments, the up zone is when we also are able to best work and best agree – so it is important to understand the motivated part of your type, how it engages, and how you can harness that power and intentionally bring out your up state as you go about making decisions in real life!

The Core is the most important part of the Whotype personality pattern as it is the part of each type pattern that if most often exhibited. Its is the most common as well because in the core state each of the types is in the more naturally relaxed version of each of their patterns. Identifying the Core type is how the Whotype Triangulation Engine works, as it finds the root motivation of each person, and this lives in our desires for comfort.

How we usually go about making decisions as humans is based on comfort-driven root motivations, and thus at the core we find the pattern that each motivation seeks. This is actually an important benefit in Whotype, to be able to have the exact patterns of behavior defined so that we can see them manifesting in real life.

Identifying the Core pattern provides the key to identifying our negative styles in the down state, and not going there. Conversely, the three core pattern combinations when put together can help send the type upward to the Up and Balance states. This is essentially where happiness, fulfillment, and care start to take over for each type – getting outside of themselves (the core type is kind of selfish, since its seeking comfort all the time) – and helps each type in moving up into its more motivated levels of interaction. Essentially in the up and balance zones – for each core type – the core exitibits the best qualities of those types in the pattern.

Each Core Type have two attached pillars attached to it as well that enrich and provide the Core type a versatile personality dynamic. The pillars support, strengthen, and help the Core maintain comfort as well as flexibility to avoid stress. This is also a key point for each Whotype as the Core isn’t just one pie piece, its three pieces acting together, but each has a different style. One of your core pieces is more selfish, one is more one-on-one focused, and the last is more social. This gives each core type a pattern the ability to be more flexible as they navigate finding comfort, and can use the three parts to stabilize each core type.

The down state occurs when a person gives into negative thoughts, poor choices, or lacks present mindedness. These are some of the types of things that represent the down state in each of the Whotype type patterns. Each of the 27 type patterns manifest their specific down state differently, but people do on the average showcase more negativity, questionable decisions, and a general lack of awareness in common when in that state.

However, its important to note that this state for all types, is mechanical in nature, or working without much awareness. Its hard for people who are in the down state to be aware that they are in that state. Mastering an awareness of your down state takes a lot of work and a lot of time – but the key is to notice it, acknowledge it, and then be aware of it – because when in the down state, no one feels comfortable.

Understanding and satisfying the “needs” of the downed or negative type styles can help to return to the primary Whotype core comfort. To acknowledge the pattern helps to master this state because its when the down state is engaged, that bad things can happen. We want to be aware of the black cats in the matrix, to see our glitches, and to use the awareness of them to navigate in the right direction – to make good decisions at all layers of our personality thought matrix.

To be able to exit the down state, the key is awareness, attention, and mindfulness to those patterns of behavior, thoughts, and actions that manifest from that state or in that style. Unfortunately, when people are in this state they tend to be very self-preservative, very selfish, and focused on self-direction. Its when we move into the core state that we can begin agin to relax more, and focus on the higher level thoughts that take us upward. Giving to others can sometimes be the most simple way to break this if you want to get out of the down state, go genuinely do something for someone else.

Streams is designed to be your stream of information designed for your personality, helping you stay connected with whats truly most important in your world. Streams icon also contains the number of notifications and alerts from connections, groups, and any company updates that may be happening. Check out the give a Hoot feature, as it makes Streams unique to you.

Because each Whotype has a specific health pattern, the streams enables you to associate or “auto-tag” your posts with one of your type states – down, core, up, and in balance. Streams is a social experience that supports sharing – or hooting – from one of your signature type states.

Quirks are the things that make us interesting and can be anything that the other person might approve to stay on their profile. Quirks are all about you and your unique ways of being you. Quirks go above and beyond to showcase what things about you and your type make you truly unique. Your connections can also vote on your quirks, moving them up in your profile, creating a sorted list of quirks that best describe you and your Whotype.

Peeps is designed to organize and prioritize your connections, we are who we surround ourselves with.

Sorting helps you keep priority connections closest to you in real life, a priority in your profile.

Company pages are derived for free at this time of all users who have selected that company in their edit menu. Company pages is also the place where you can explore how you fit inside that company, and all of the players in it. Want to know what it will be like there? Whotype helps explore your personality pattern and how it will fit in the larger group, and inside of the culture that’s already there. The more Whotypers that a company has, the more that the data becomes accurate about the company culture – as culture comes from the people within.

Building and saving Whotype groups is a key feature for keeping touch with your fellow Whotypers. To build a group, add anyone that you want to keep in touch with – on that deeper level. As they explore their type and change their type, Whotype notifies you of new changes in the streams feed. The more groups, the more alerts. You can also setup groups that are just pairs as well. Whotype Groups help create that thing we call amazing.

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