The future of marketing is personalized, don’t get left behind

What if you could personalize your pitch to each individual customer?

Whotype enables companies to deeply engage and personalize the entire spectrum of a user’s life-cycle – from user setup and purchase, to delivery, to ongoing user delight. We supply you with the data you need to individualize every aspect of your product and deliver a personalized experience. Discover the power of personality at work in your customer experience with the Whotype API.

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Truly understand your customers

With just a few simple questions you can quickly, and accurately understand who your customers are and what motivates them. Stop wasting time creating user personas for Marketing Maggie and Skeptical Steve. With Whotype you have instant, accurate personas, or Whotypes as we prefer to call them, for all your customers. Don’t want to ask any questions? Not a problem. Our API helps you access data from participating members so you don’t have to.

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The right message for the right customer

Personalization isn’t just knowing someone’s name. It’s knowing what they want and how they want it. Whotype is the A.I. that makes this happen. We take your messaging and product and we evolve your selling points to speak directly to your customer’s persona. If they’re a Head type, then we give them analytics. If they’re a Heart type, we speak to their emotions. Can your CRM do this?

We didn’t think so.

IOT meets WOT (Whotype of Things)

The Whotype API personalizes any “item” around users and customers and creates a deeper experience just for them. Rather than the traditional pay-to-play or thousand clicks models, we help you get to accurately and personally get to know what your users like, want, and need. Our API integrates deep learning and personalization for each user’s Whotype signature directly into the user experience.

Your customer’s personality is your power

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