Whotype is redefining the personality typing systems, going far beyond the “old fashioned” and “one-dimensional” systems and into technology that helps in visualizing personality dynamics to help make use of them.

More than ever we need something to help us visualize group dynamics, build better teams, help understand each other in order to best work and best agree. We need something to help us discover what we call the power of personality.

That’s why we built Whotype

The science behind it all

Whotype is really just personality math, built inside of a circle where everyone is connected at the core. Whotype’s technology uses a personality engine that anyone can quickly triangulate and determine their personality types at work and how it manifests as decisions, thoughts, and choices in real life.

Whotype is purpose-built to be applied daily in self-exploration, personal and professional relationships, as well as groups that connect us socially.

The process of identifying the answer to head vs heart vs gut helps build the Whotype profile around each user including quirks. Intuitively Whotype is able to find pattern signatures, with as few of questions as possible. Once the question of what center is driving, Whotype does the math for you, the personality math!

See what the Hoot this is all about!

It’s surprisingly simple

Whotype takes the three primary centers by the three social styles by the three user choices. This is 3x3x3 or 27. Thus, Whotype has 27 personality types and since they connect based on patterns both in their type patterns and at the core, there are matches or overlays where personalities harmonize.

Whotype helps visualize how all of these personality dynamics are working. See and understand complex relationship dynamics at work in personal and professional relationships, and harness the power of personality as an individual, as a pair, or group.

What’s your type?

Better yet, it’s not static

Similar to nearly all personality systems before it, Whotype is not a “one-dimensional” personality assessment, but can actually be put to use every day in real life in all relationship scenarios. It can be applied to daily life. Whotype is personality technology that goes with us where we go, changes with us as we change. Uncover those important personal insights, decode the inner workings of one-on-one relationships, and visualize those complex dynamics inside teams. If Myers-Briggs is like the Model-T Ford, Whotype is the Tesla.

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